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What’s In A Name?

Many people have asked me where I came up with the name  "ADaGeo" (pronounced "Ă-dä'-zhē-ō") Communications.  Great conversation starter, I’ll admit, but not  my initial intent. 


Those of you who know me, know that I have a background in dance. The term "adagio" in dance refers to a pas-de-deux or "step for two" that requires great strength,  cooperation and precision.  At ADaGeo, we view working with our cients as a partnership that requires each party to work together in concert , implementing strong,  precise, strategies designed to achieve specific goals.  The result?  A well-defined choreography, seamless performance and results worthy of applause.


What’s Up With The Spelling? 

No, it’s not that the "adagio" domain name was already taken.  I wanted to infer not only the qualities inherent in the definition of the original word, but to emphasize the "AD", a reference to "advertising"; and "Geo", to signify precise targeting, both geographically and demographically.  In other words, at ADaGeo, we promote your business at the right time, in the proper manner, to the appropriate audience.



 Whether you need a complete marketing and public 
  relations plan or just a logo, newsletter or press
  release, ADaGeo Communications can help!

Your business is your baby. 

You feed it and nurture it to help it grow.  Nobody knows your business better than you but sometimes, like any proud parent, you need to call in an expert or two from time to time to help.

What sets ADaGeo Communications apart from other marketing and public relations professionals is a commitment to listening to YOU and tailoring a plan to suit YOUR vision and budget.

The key to successful business growth is to develop strong marketing and public relations strategies.  Although the terms "marketing" and "public relations" are often used interchangeably, they are two very different approaches that contribute to the same goals:
  • Creating an awareness of your brand and a need for your product of service;
  • Targeting and attracting customers, members or donors who need or support the product and/or service you offer;
  • Building a strong reputation for exceptional quality, service and satisfaction;
  • Increasing sales, customer base AND revenue.
As a marketer and public relations professional for over 20 years, ADaGeo Communications  offers the knowledge and hands-on experience to help your organization grow.  From strategic planning and budgeting to advertising design and media management, ADaGeo Communications offers the tools and expertise you need to bring your business to the next level and beyond.
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